Drupal Class in Boston on July 10, 2020 Training in a Day


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This one day Drupal training course provides a strong foundation for how to use this powerful content management system in a single day. This Drupal class is the Drupal 101 training course, perfect as a starting point for Drupal website editors, those needing to add Drupal content, as well as those planning and managing Drupal sites. This Drupal course covers site planning, adding and organizing content, and editorial Drupal needs. This introductory course provides essential Drupal skills surrounding placing content on a site, the structure and organization of content, an understanding of Drupal terminology, as well as concepts for how Drupal works, and the methods used to create Drupal sites. The course also provides an understanding of how to locate and select Drupal modules to add more functionality to a website. In this one-day Drupal class participants learn essential capabilities and concepts through hands-on activities.  This is an introductory Drupal class, and completing this course or understanding the concepts covered in this course is a prerequisite to participating in the more advanced Drupal training.