A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist


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What the heck do data scientists do & what's their role in the business success? Meet the people who drive the data to make pivotal business decisions. Learn the stories of professional data scientists in Boston and why they love what they do.

Join General Assembly for a panel of incredible community leaders who can help you understand the industry and provide the advice and resources you need to get you started.

Bring all your questions for our panel of Data Science pros. They’re excited to share a real day from their lives!

What You’ll Take Away:

  • What the day-to-day of a Data Scientist looks like
  • Top skills needed to succeed
  • An idea of the companies in Boston hiring for Data Science
  • The best communities to meet other Data Science folks
  • The ups and downs of this career
  • How to transition into a career you love


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About the Panelists

Teresa Borcuch Photo

Data Science Associate ,

Teresa completed General Assembly's Data Science Immersive course in February 2017. Prior to that, she was pursuing a graduate degree in animal behavior and spent several years conducting field studies of wild primate and dolphin populations. Now, she works as a data scientist at iRobot, combining her data science skills and background in population biology to describe the behavior patterns of a fleet of robots.

Igor Bratslaver Photo


Igor is a consultant at Cervello in the Analytics & Information Management Practice, leading business intelligence/data warehousing implementations for clients. He has worked in a variety of roles that include business analyst, data architect, and Dashboard/Report developer. Prior to Cervello, Igor worked in the healthcare IT space where he managed the enterprise data warehouse and reporting platform for the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services. Besides his passion for data analytics, Igor loves helping students achieve their goals and dreams. Outside of work, he enjoys watching sports, especially the Boston Celtics! Igor graduated Northeastern University in 2013 with a degree in Information Systems and Finance.

Matthew McAteer Photo

Data Scientist,

Matthew McAteer is a Data Scientist at Hellofriend, a Blockchain startup aimed at creating marketplaces for social experiences. Matthew McAteer is also a contributor to Google's Tensorflow Probability library. After studying molecular biology at Brown, and spending several years in Alzheimer's and Stem Cell research, Matthew used his background in statistics and computational biology to jump into Data Science and Machine Learning. Matthew has worked with companies on data science projects ranging from music feature detection, to facial detection for law enforcement, to security for censorship-resistant journalism. In his spare time, Matthew writes scripts for algorithmic trading and bots for playing games.

Jeremy Aronson Photo

Data Science - Product Lead,